About NVRD

The Royal Dutch NVRD is the largest national waste management association of the Netherlands. The NVRD unites municipalities responsible for waste management and management of the public space, and the municipal waste management companies in the Netherlands. Also suppliers and advisors in the areas of management of the public space and waste management are members of NVRD. As such, the NVRD members cover over 90% of all Dutch households in terms of waste management.

Uniting these organizations, the mission of NVRD is to serve as the association for excellent performances in the execution of the municipal tasks: sustainable waste management and effective management of the public space. Through profound knowledge of practice and execution, and through the extensive network of professionals, the NVRD and the members serve to promote clean municipalities and sustainable development. The Netherlands is a global frontrunner in sustainable waste management. Recycling 80% of all waste is state of the art worldwide.

The Royal NVRD is an active member in various international associations:

Municipal Waste Europe (MWE)
MWE serves to promote the responsibility for sustainable municipal waste management as a public service of general interest.

Website MWE: www.municipalwasteeurope.eu  

International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)
In order to promote and develop sustainable and professional waste management worldwide. Several persons and organizations in NVRD play an active role within ISWA to promote the exchange of experience, knowledge and technology.

Rio +20
As the Dutch are worldwide frontrunners in waste management, at the United Nations Rio+20 conference on Sustainable Development, the impact of Dutch waste management and recycling technology for a country like Brasil was presented: download the presentation

Website ISWA: www.iswa.org

ACR+ is an association uniting cities and regions which promote waste prevention, recycling and sustainable resource management. Maarten Goorhuis is the representative on behalf of NVRD.

Website ACR+: www.acrplus.org

NVRD can link between experts in sustainable waste management who are promoting the exchange of knowledge, policy experience and technology. For more information on our international network contact Maarten Goorhuis (T: +31 88 377 0018, E: goorhuis@nvrd.nl).

If you want to get in touch with Dutch waste management companies which supply waste technology, you can also contact Netherlands Association for Environmental Technology (VLM). 

Website VLM: www.vlm.fme.nl